Nights on Mayfair

Nights on Mayfair (NoM) is the collaboration of soulful and animated songstress Nat Smithson, the smooth, groove sounds of charismatic bassist Scott Duncan and the rhythmic genius of drummer Jed Thomas. The trio met in 2016 at JR’s Recording Studio when Nat (originally a solo artist) was laying the vocals for a new single. Having enjoyed successful carers with previous bands, Scott (Lowrider) and Jed (Stoneyfell) were keen to get started on a new project, and having gelled instantly, Nights on Mayfair was formed shortly after.

Meet the Band




Nat’s spirited and reflective nature shines in her vocal performances, oozing emotion as she characterises the words in each song. She is driven to write meaningful, storytelling lyrics that uplift and inspire her listeners and allow them to connect their own lives with her experiences.




Jed is a fun-loving and hardworking dad of three who is always keen to jam and work on new tunes and he knows how to rip a new one on a drum kit! He has an endless supply of cool, ballsy fills and will gladly jump between drums, the electric kit and cajon. 




Scott is the ‘brains’ of the band acting as the driving force behind a lot of the band’s strategy and accomplishments to date. He is always eager to share his ideas and knowledge from years of experience within the industry, having performed previously with accomplished and internationally successful band Lowrider.


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Upcoming Show – RnB Nights

Live show celebrating RnB classics from the naughties and today!